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Title Me and My Canadian Teacher Date 2010.12.08
My Canadian teacher is Mr. Clark. He is gentle, kind, interesting, as well as athletic and muscular. He has a simple and honest face. His forehead is round and his eyes are big and warm. He always wears casual clothes. He likes to use humor in his class. He speaks simple Chinese sentences, such as “Wo Hen Shuai (我很帅)”, which means “I am very handsome”, “Tu Zi Shuai (秃子帅)” ,which means “ I’m a little baldy, but I am handsome”.
Mr. Clark is caring, diligent and tough on teaching. HE thinks knowledge is inexhaustible, and he wants us to appreciate the joy of learning. He is a kind hearted person too. He is always ready to help others; he cares for all his students.
After work, Mr. Clark likes to go to gym to do body building. HE is strong. He likes to play basketball, and he is a member of international department team of our school.
We love our Canadian teacher Mr. Clark.
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