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Title My Canadian teacher and I Date 2010.12.08
My Canadian teacher is a beautiful young woman with short golden hair called Mrs.H. She has big bright blue eyes and a small nose with a nose ring. She also has two ear rings. That makes her look cute. She has some tattoos on her body. And the loveliest one I think is an angle wing on her back. That makes her look like a real angle.
Her classes are nothing like those of the Chinese teachers. We have lots of activities in her class. We often play games, do posters, read books, and perform dialogues and so on. We have a happy class and we study a lot of knowledge from her class. I don’t think I will be bored in Mrs. H’s class.
One day, Mrs. H brought a lot of strange paper with burned marks. She asked us to write a diary about what we would think and do if we were in an remote island in July 1894, I had a good and wild imagination about myself and wrote them down in my own words. And then I copied them on the burned paper that looked really old and seemed to be left more than 100 yeas ago. That’s the most interesting and I will never forget it in Mrs. H’s class.
I love Mrs. H class because it is a vivid and vigorous class and I always feel that I was having a class in Canada!
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